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Kyoto International Colloquium for Lacanian Psychoanalysis

The general theme of this Colloquium is “Dream and Structure: the Psychic Apparatus Linking the Pacific Rim”. Since the last decade of the 20th century, researchers in Japan, Korea and Taiwan have been having psychoanalytic exchanges in Seoul, Yokohama and Taipei, concentrating on clinical and cultural important themes. We will meet again in Kyoto, with guests coming over from America, Australia and Europe.

The second last theme was "memory", and the last one was “politics”, both at the Taipei conference. Now, recognizing that the inner organization of "our" memory is a matter of politics, the Kyoto committee would like to propose that we go back to the origin of Freudian psychoanalysis, in order to rediscover an inner locus where we would be able to let this organization occur in our individual sphere, that is, the psychic apparatus Freud coined in his analysis of dreams.

This inner apparatus of the mind should function also as a real structure of our community in which we live. It would be with this function of the apparatus that our unconscious will be at work attempting at the impossible integration of the singular and the universal, and be effective as well in our actualities.

We are looking forward to meeting you all in Kyoto, when the city will be filled with the fragrance of cherry blossoms.

Kazushige Shingu
Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University
TitleKyoto International Colloquium for Lacanian Psychoanalysis
Dream and Structure: the Psychic Apparatus Linking the Pacific Rim
Data:10th〜11th Apr.2014
Place:Kyoto International Conference Center
10th Apr.
09:20〜09:30 Opening Remarks
Kazushige SHINGU (Committee Chair)
09:30〜10:30 Keynote Speech "The Possibility of Psychoanalysis in the Japanese Mind"
Kazushige SHINGU (Kyoto University)
10:40〜12:00 "The Psychosomatic and Timbre in the Tradition of Shakuhachi"
Zempo SHIMURA × Kazushige SHINGU
13:00〜15:00 Presentations by the guests from the Groupe franco-japonais du Champ freudien
13:00〜14:00 "La civilisation hypermoderne et les symptômes contemporains"
Jean-Louis GAULT (Psychoanalyst, France)
14:00〜15:00 "Pulsion et fantasme, deux cheminements de l’inconscient a l’oeuvre dans l’art,
ou Deux reveries faites oeuvres d’art: Raoul Dufy, Henri Bosco"

Joëlle SKRIABINE (Psychiatrist, France)
15:30〜16:30 Guest Plenary Session "How did Lévi-Strauss read Freud?"
Kozo WATANABE (Ritsumeikan University)
16:40〜18:00 Lacanian topology and Freudian psychic apparatus, and the beyond (moderator: Kunifumi SUZUKI)
"Lacanian Topology, Freudian Psychic Apparatus, and the Beyond"
Youngmin KIM (Dongguk Universit, South Korea)
"Study of the Navel of the Dream: Freud vs. Derrida"
Myoung Ah SHIN (Kyung Hee University, South Korea)
"Transference and Topology"
Kazushige SHINGU (Kyoto University) discussant
11th Apr.
09:20〜12:00 Lacan on Asia (moderators: Chaoyang LIAO and Hsien-hao LIAO)
09:20〜10:20"Lacan on Asian positions"
"Gestures of the World: Movement and the Analyst’s Discourse"
Chaoyang LIAO (National Taiwan University)
"Giving Form to Potentiality: Psychoanalysis and Radical Potentiality in Agamben and da Vinci"
Li-Chun HSIAO (National Taiwan University)
10:30〜12:00"Lacan on Asian images"
"The Paternal Noir"
Kien Ket LIM (National Chung Tung University, Taiwan)
"Screen Memories" as Ideological Symptoms:
The Specter Strikes Back in Chen Chien-Jen’s and Yen Hung-Ya’s Art Works

Shu-Hui TSAI (National Chung Hsing Univerity, Taiwan)
"Oneiric Aesthetics: Traditional Chinese Thoughts on Dreams in light of Lacan and Deleuze"
Hsien-hao LIAO (National Taiwan University)
13:00〜14:00 "(M)other Earth: The Unconscious and its Environment"
Krisztian Marius INDRIES (Eötvös Lórand University, Hungary)
"Comparative psychoanalytic study on the history of Mongol, Chinggis Khan in relation to Egyptian-Jewish Moses"
Anara MUNKHJIN (Kyoto University)
14:00〜15:00 "Pathology in Modern Society Observed in the Aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake
―From Viewpoint of Structural Psychopathology"

Satoshi KATO (Jichi Medical University)
15:30〜16:30 "The 2014 Tokyo Gubernatorial Election Interpreted by Lacanian Theory"
Rika KAYAMA (Rikkyo University)
16:40〜17:40Closing Plenary Session
"On Dreams and What Cannot Be Forgotten"
Russel GRIGG (Deakin Univ, Australia)